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Panasonic RR-US570

PC Magazine
  • Summary: A nifty noise-minimizing microphone that focuses on sound in front of it—from a single speaker or lecturer—is the Panasonic's RR-US570's main attraction
  • Pros: Zoom microphone. Variable speed playback. Good sound quality at higher settings.
  • Cons: Can't split files or add bookmarks. No-frills MP3 player. Microscopic menu icons.
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Sanyo ICR-FP600D

PC Magazine
  • Summary: This otherwise easy-to-use MP3 voice recorder lacks its rivals' handy USB interface for moving files to and from a PC.
  • Pros: Simple controls. Records MP3 files. Variable playback speed. Can split files and repeat playback of file segments.
  • Cons: Records to SD cards; no USB connector for file transfers. SD card not included. Only one folder for voice files recorded via microphone. Can't create index marks within files. Bare-bones MP3 player.
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Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-321M

PC Magazine
  • Summary: If you're looking for a voice recorder for professional use, the Olympus WS321M is an ideal choice. But although it can sync and play your digital music, it's not best used as your primary music player.
  • Pros: Lots of recording options. External mic jack. Direct USB connection. USB mass storage device.
  • Cons: Poor music sound quality. A bit pricey.
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Olympus WS-500M

PC Magazine
  • Summary: This full-featured voice recorder can double as a USB drive for shuttling files and a robust digital music player that shows track information and syncs with iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • Pros: Retractable USB connector for file transfer and battery recharge. Plentiful playback and recording options. Syncs with iTunes and Windows Media Player. Backlit LCD.
  • Cons: Complex controls. No support for MP3 playlists.
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Philips LFH0662

PC Magazine
  • Summary: If audio capture quality is paramount, the Philips Digital Voice Tracer LFH0662 delivers. It can record uncompressed WAV files and comes with a handy lapel mic.
  • Pros: Records MP3 or high-quality WAV files. Comes bundled with earbuds and a lapel mic. Can split files and repeat playback of file segments. Backlit LCD.
  • Cons: Can't add index marks during file playback. Fast/slow playback distorts voice pitch. Bare-bones MP3 player.
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