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  • Summary: The Epson V500 is a very good scanner. It may look expensive but you get a lot for the money. The controlling software is excellent, even if it is a little cranky when run in Windows Vista. We were pleasantly surprised by its exceptional versatility.
  • Pros: This is the first dual purpose flatbed/film scanner from which we have taken respectable film scans. In fact we were surprised by the quality of reproduction from all media. We tried colour transparencies, black and white negatives and medium format negatives with uniformly excellent results. 10 ...
  • Cons: This is quite a complicated piece of machinery and not at all intuitive in setup and operation, so why not provide a printed user’s manual? It is a pain to have to have the scanner software open on the computer while at the same time trying to find the necessary instructions in an HTML document o...
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  • Summary: This is an outstanding scanner. Scans of opaque materials are excellent and the film scans are the best we have seen from a flat bed scanner. The bundled software makes the package good value for the money.
  • Pros: Let’s deal with the big question: can a flat bed scanner really produce film scans to compare with a dedicated 35mm scanner? In our opinion most users will be well satisfied with the Epson output. Scanned Kodachrome slides retained colour, detail and subtlety. We could make decent prints from sli...
  • Cons: There is no printed instruction manual and the unit, by default, is set to Automatic mode. In this mode it will not scan negative strips correctly. The scan mode must be set to Professional (even if you think that doesn’t mean you) to get proper control of scanning.
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HP Scanjet N8460

  • Summary: The Scanjet N8640 is fast and flexible and comes with a very capable software bundle. However, the system as a whole would benefit from a usability makeover.
  • Pros: High-capacity document feeder, High-speed scanning, Duplex scanning, Excellent software bundle, Barcode scanning, Oversize flatbed
  • Cons: No network connectivity (relies on a connected PC), Large desktop footprint, Heavy, Control panel lacks usability
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Canon CanoScan D1250U2 scanner

Hardware Zone
  • Conclusion: Those who wants to purchase the Canon CanoScan D1250U2/D1250U2F should do so now as they will be rewarded right away with a FREE Adaptec USB 2.0 PCI card. Offer is valid from 7th March to 30th April 2002 at all participating outlets in Singapore only. Hurry, don't miss out.
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Fujitsu Scan Snap S1500 M

  • Excerpt: The Scan Snap S1500 M – M for Macintosh – document scanner is surprisingly light and the size of a box of tissues. Install the software, connect the power supply to the unit and the USB to your Mac and you’re operational.
  • Pros: Small footprint; easy to use; fast; versatile; customisable; bundle includes Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  • Cons: None significant, considering the versatility and price of the scanner
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