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Panasonic PT-AE2000E

  • Summary: The Panasonic PT-AE2000 1080p projector is a credible performer, especially when you consider its excellent shadow details
  • Pros: Produces a deep level of black, Horizontal and vertical lens shift, Superb connectivity including 3 HDMI inputs
  • Cons: Inaccurate red and green, Not bright enough to drive very large screens
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Optoma PK320 Pico Projector

  • Excerpt: Its footprint is only slightly larger than an iPhone 5, but the Optoma is blessed with mini-HDMI, micro-USB, micro-SD, composite video and VGA connectors – so it will play nicely with pretty much any device. If you want to travel light, it also features 1GB of onboard storage.
  • Pros: Small; lots of connectors
  • Cons: Dull whites
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Panasonic PT-FW100NT

  • Summary: Plenty of features for serious office or classroom presentations and entertainment.
  • Pros: Good colour reproduction, Light and portable, Automatic vertical keystone correction, Quiet fan
  • Cons: Requires manual adjustment of zoom and focus, Network setup instructions a little vague, A bit pricy, Quiet speaker
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Sony VPL-EX4

  • Summary: The Sony VPL-EX4 Data Projector is priced on par for what it delivers. Designed for class rooms and small organisations, it has some standout features like password protection, panel key lock, low fan noise and a short-throw lense.
  • Pros: Good resolution and brightness, Security functions prevent unauthorised access, Low fan noise and well placed exhaust
  • Cons: Lacks an additional card reader slot, DVI port omitted, Not the smallest projector around
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Audio Products Australia Sim2 Domino D10

  • Summary: Sim2's first foray into the entry level projector space isn't exactly cheap, or for that matter pretty. But the Domino D10 looks great where it really counts.
  • Pros: Crisp, clear images, Easy setup, Good range of projection distances
  • Cons: Comparatively costly, Ugly design
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