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Resistance 3


Dead Island


Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Review

  • Excerpt: Final Fantasy XIII-2 represents only the second time that we’ve been given a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy title on a major console.  The first time was the PS2 title Final Fantasy X-2.  X-2 spelled a departure from the formula, but ultimately this departure proved successful selling over 4 million copies worldwide.
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I feel dirty — Killer Is Dead review

  • Excerpt: Killer Is Dead is probably the first game I’ve played that’s made me feel like a pervert. There are thousands of games out there that objectify women, that feature absurdly revealing outfits and countless examples of the “damsel in distress.” And there are dozens of others that let you woo individual characters under the hypnotic gaze of your sexual prowess.
  • Pros: Fantastically unique art style, Simplistic, yet compellingly frenetic combat, Constant sense of progression, Dozens of side missions
  • Cons: Dating minigame is disturbingly creepy, Incomprehensible plot, Characters are flat and one-dimensional
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