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XCOM: Enemy Within

  • Summary: Like the soldiers in the game, XCOM: Enemy Within takes everything introduced in Enemy Unknown, polishes it, enhances it, and redeploys it into the field. It’s stronger, it’s meaner, and it’s awesome.
  • Pros: MEC and Gene addons are well balanced, Additional maps shake things up, Timed sub objectives drive players out of their foxholes, Bevy of small changes clean up an already great game
  • Cons: Pathfinding AI is just dumb, Interaction elements cause accidental movements
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Battlefield 4

  • Summary: It’s frustrating to see the same developer who gave us the decent campaigns of the Bad Company games continue to fall flat with the story modes in the core titles. But while it feels as if DICE is standing still while the industry passes them by in terms of single-player experiences, they continue...
  • Pros: Standard-setting visual and audio fidelity, Best squad-based multiplayer warfare around
  • Cons: Single-player campaign falls flat, Several bugs at launch
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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • Summary: There’s very little wrong with LEGO Marvel Superheroes — it succeeds in a surprising number of ways. There are practically zero instances of blatant failure on the part of the developers, voice actors, writers, and other assorted ‘big picture’ guys who made this release a reality.
  • Pros: Gorgeous graphics that bring the LEGO universe to life, Great story mode with tons of unlockable characters, Strikes a nice balance between puzzles and button-mashing
  • Cons: Level objectives can be unclear at times, Somewhat repetitive level structure, Controls can feel funky on a PC
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion Review

  • Excerpt: Yu-Gi-Oh! is obviously the king of the Collectible card games of today. A highly successful WB Kids show that I watch religiously (yes, I am in my late 20s, but that show is like crack, I just can’t stop watching it), games that have come out for the Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube and GameBoy...
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Star Trek

  • Conclusion: Star Trek definitely fails to live up the hype that surrounded the game on announcement. It unfortunately fails to break the cookie cutter movie-game mould. The authenticity of the stories and the character means that it will appeal to the biggest Star Trek fans however don’t expect to have a great...
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