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Surveillance from anywhere: Edimax IC-7000PTn v2, Review: D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD (Model DSH-C310)... See newest reviews

Surveillance from anywhere: Edimax IC-7000PTn v2

  • Excerpt: Today’s home-surveillance cameras are network-connected, remote-controlled and ready to show you what’s going on in your house no matter where you’re located – even while you’re out and about, using your iPhone.
  • Pros: Flexible security solution; straightforward basic setup; quickly connects to WLAN; motorised pan, tilt and digital zoom
  • Cons: Needs Windows for advanced options; expensive; internet setup tricky
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D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD (Model DSH-C310)

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: Despite my little rant, the unit really is simple to set up. It just needs slightly better instructions (in case things go wrong), along perhaps with a page or two about extending things further. Like, for example, if you want to be able to view through it when you’re away from your home network.
  • Pros: Extremely easy to set up … if all works smoothly, high quality picture, auto recording, works extremely well in Apple eco-system
  • Cons: Need two Apple devices for remote viewing and operation, a little more information in the manual would be nice, no control buttons in app in landscape mode
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NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 (review)

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: Good video image quality but not guaranteed to be 1080p. It is visibly better than the Arlo and Arlo Pro.
  • Pros: • 1080p video and 720p stills are reasonable quality when you can achieve it
  • Cons: No compelling reason to buy it over other brands - except perhaps the brand!
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D-Link DCS-2530L Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: Easy to use? Certainly setup was super simple and reliable. Some clarity in the documentation on the issue of recording to SD card would have saved me wasting time trying to work out what was going on.
  • Pros: Easy to connect, high quality, remote viewing at no additional cost
  • Cons: Better default required for motion sensing, documentation could be better
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D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD DSH-C310

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: If you're embedded with Apple devices, this simple-to-use camera offers great quality and good features. It can just be tricky to access when outside your home network.
  • Pros: Simple setup, Good quality in light and dark, Good motion detection features, Apple HomeKit compatible, Small, Stylish
  • Cons: Tricky to access remotely, Apple only
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