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Thecus N7700

  • Summary: The N7700 is one heck of a NAS box — although we'd recommend staying away from ZFS due to the FUSE implementation, if you need something to take seven drives and have nowhere to put a rack mount unit, this should fit the bill nicely.
  • Pros: Seven bays, Plenty of options and features, OS X set-up tool
  • Cons: ZFS implementation should probably be avoided, Cooling system a little loud
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Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440

  • Summary: Although Seagate BlackArmor is difficult to use for networking novices, it is a good choice for small business and advanced users.
  • Pros: Fast throughput, Hassle-free remote access, Excellent backup solution
  • Cons: Requires more than basic networking know-how to take advantage of its advanced features, Lacks port aggregation, May not be compatible with some routers
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Synology DS209+ NAS Server

  • Summary: Although it's expensive and requires networking experience to use, the Synology DS209+ offers excellent throughput and nearly all the features you're likely to need in a small-business NAS server.
  • Pros: Very fast throughput, Loads of features, Robust and intuitive web interface, RAID 1 and RAID 0 support, Great expandability
  • Cons: Requires some networking know-how to use and take advantage of the advanced features, Surveillance Station supports only one camera out of the box, eSATA port located on the front, Requires a tool to install hard drives, Expensive
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  • Summary: RND 4250 is a tiny, attractive silver cube with high end features.
  • Pros: RND 4250 is small, attractive, compact and easy to install, Includes Gigabit Ethernet interface, RAID data protection, UPnP AV streaming, and an integrated backup manager, Added with extra security features, Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX, Printers can be shared via device
  • Cons: Sluggish with complex file transfers, A little expensive
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Apple Time Capsule (2009)

  • Summary: Apple Time Capsule is a convenient and simple wireless router and NAS server combo for your home. Unfortunately, especially in the case of the 1TB version, you can find better deals on devices that offer greater storage space and many more features for the price.
  • Pros: Fast wireless 5GHz throughput, Storage included, Easy to use, True dual-band, Guest networking, Printer and network storage support, Works with Apple Time Machine software, Good-looking design
  • Cons: Expensive, Limited networking and network storage features, No backup for Windows, Hard drive is not user-serviceable, No media or iTunes server, Picky support for USB printers, Only three Ethernet ports, No web interface, No remote access for Windows users, Set-up, administration and storage sha...
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