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Apple TV (third gen, early 2012)

  • Excerpt: The new model of Apple TV looks and acts exactly like the previous model. I’ve spent the last week with the new, 1080p-compatible version of the Apple TV , and I’m here to report that it’s exactly like its predecessor in all but one way.
  • Pros: Good value for money; 1080 video standout feature
  • Cons: Not much difference from the previous model; 1080 videos require fast internet connection
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Apple TV 2: an Australian perspective

  • Excerpt: Apple’s first real update to its ‘iPod for TV’ since it was first announced four years ago (save for a minor hard-drive size bump) has just begun shipping around the world. The device was announced around a month ago , and has been hotly awaited since, in the hope that Apple has taken the Apple TV...
  • Pros: Tiny; cheap; responsive; great streaming performance
  • Cons: Limited content from iTunes; HDMI only
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REVIEW: Apple TV 2.3

  • Excerpt: I know, Apple TV has been around for a while now. And I know, Steve Jobs considers Apple TV a mere ‘hobby’, but, I’ve got two of them at home and the truth is, just been you and me, I couldn’t live without them.
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First Look: Apple TV 3.0

  • Excerpt: The Apple TV is a strange beast. Steve Jobs famously referred to his company’s media-playback box as “a hobby.” In early 2008 Apple released a major software update, Apple TV 2.0 , that revamped its interface and added movie rentals to the mix.
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AC Ryan PlayOn!HD Mini 2

  • Excerpt: Gone are the days of burning DVDs. That external hard drive you have sitting around can now be simply plugged into a media centre and you can enjoy the largest range of media formats from the comfort of your living room.
  • Cons: Needs extra USB ports
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