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D-Link Boxee Box

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: To the tech-savvy uber geek, the Boxee Box is one of the best media players on the market today. It’s powerful, well-made, has a great remote and piles and piles of features. Sure, you can’t integrate it into a media rack thanks to its rather self-consciously ‘edgy’ shape, but it does look cool on...
  • Pros: Good build quality, Great remote, Lots of features
  • Cons: Glitchy and fiddly, Most compelling services not available in Australia
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B&O Beosound 5 Still Has A Long Way To Go

  • Summary: The new Beosound 5 sound system from Bang & Olufsen has been a long time coming and is primarily designed to move B&O into the world of digital content management and while the system looks the part at $9,200 I think I would prefer a simple iPod touch.
  • Pros: This is a smart looking unit which does extend the B&O family into sound management. It is well built but lacking in several areas.
  • Cons: The fact that this system is designed only for right handed consumers shows that B&O have not thought this product out enough as it is faily easy today to design a swivel mount. As for the system there in not much in the software that you will not find in an iPod Touch.
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AC Ryan PlayOn! HD Essential, a media player for over 20 file formats

PC & Tech Authority
  • Summary: The AC Ryan Playon! is an entry level media player for people looking for simple solutions
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Apple TV (third gen, early 2012)

  • Excerpt: The new model of Apple TV looks and acts exactly like the previous model. I’ve spent the last week with the new, 1080p-compatible version of the Apple TV , and I’m here to report that it’s exactly like its predecessor in all but one way.
  • Pros: Good value for money; 1080 video standout feature
  • Cons: Not much difference from the previous model; 1080 videos require fast internet connection
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Apple TV 2: an Australian perspective

  • Excerpt: Apple’s first real update to its ‘iPod for TV’ since it was first announced four years ago (save for a minor hard-drive size bump) has just begun shipping around the world. The device was announced around a month ago , and has been hotly awaited since, in the hope that Apple has taken the Apple TV...
  • Pros: Tiny; cheap; responsive; great streaming performance
  • Cons: Limited content from iTunes; HDMI only
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