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SIGMA 19mm f2.8 EX DN lens

  • Excerpt: This lens is available in either a micro four thirds mount for Olympus and Panasonic cameras or an E mount for the Sony NEX range. On MTF cameras the film equivalent focal length is 38mm and on the Sonys, with the larger sensor, it is 28.5.
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TAMRON SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD lens

  • Excerpt: The Tamron lens, with an f2.8 constant maximum aperture, is in the category of “standard” zoom for a full frame DSLR. It can be used on a reduced sensor APS camera, where the focal lengths then become 36–105mm.
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  • Excerpt: This lens is the latest addition to the Olympus range of premium prime lenses for the micro four thirds system cameras. It can be used on either Olympus or Panasonic cameras. The new lens is not to be confused with an older 17mm f2.8 unit. The new optic is faster, sharper and has quicker auto-focus.
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SIGMA 105mm f2.8 EX macro lens

  • Summary: This is a fine lens and for the price is excellent value for money. Optically it is as good as it gets and manually focussed there is nothing to complain about. But the auto focus issue is baffling. Our test cameras were two Canons – a 7D and a 5D MkII.
  • Pros: Optically this is an excellent lens with outstanding sharpness, contrast and colour fidelity. Sharpness is consistent across the entire image with no fall-off in the edges and corners and is also consistent at all focus points.
  • Cons: There is extreme focus hunting with low contrast subjects and even with ordinary contrast the lens can take its time finding a sharp focus. Given the fast aperture (f2.8) this inability to focus quickly is inexplicable. When we compared the Canon 100mm macro on the same camera body as the Sigma t...
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Panasonic Lumix G 8mm fisheye lens

  • Summary: This lens is fun to use. The weird, distorted perspective can be amusing – a close-up of the dog’s snout – or positively useful – looking straight up at the dome in the State Library. It could almost be mandatory for the European tour that is going to take in the great cathedrals.
  • Pros: Images from this lens are outstanding. Sharpness, contrast and colour are good. The video effect is spectacular. The hard-to-define feel of the lens is luxurious.
  • Cons: A very minor point – there is no image stabilisation. But used on an Olympus E Pen camera there is, because of the CCD-shift stabilisation in Olympus cameras.
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