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BenQ x730 Wireless Desktop Companion Pro

Hardware Zone
  • Conclusion: Once we got over the awkwardness of the concave keyboard, we began to appreciate the feel of the buttons and all the extra features that come with it. We didn't experience any compatibility problems with any of the hot-keys and they worked well with a variety of desktop applications.
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Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Elite

Hardware Zone
  • Conclusion: It’s very hard not to like the Wireless Desktop Elite set from Microsoft. For a set of input device, the comfort level and build quality is truly top notch. Well, for an eye-popping price tag nearly touching the S$170 mark, anything less than the above-mentioned is probably unacceptable.
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Ortek Eagletouch MCK-90 Mini Silver USB Keyboard with USB Hub

Overclockers Melbourne
  • Excerpt: For the majority of us, using a keyboard is one of the main ways we interface with our computers. Unless you're an avid fan of Voice Recognition Technology or some other weird and wonderful typing method.
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Logitech Alto Cordless

  • Summary: If you need a notebook stand to make your life that little more ergonomic, Logitech's Alto Cordless is certainly the Rolls Royce. Just expect to pay the same sort of premium as well.
  • Pros: Sturdy, Wireless keyboard
  • Cons: High price, No form of mouse navigation
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Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser

  • Summary: Logitech's Cordless Desktop Wave stands out for its comfortable ergonomic touches, an easy learning curve, and its affordable price. We have minor issues with its hot keys -- the media controls get short shrift -- but heavy typists will like what Logitech has to offer here.
  • Pros: Unique, comfortable key layout, Easy to get used to, Affordable compared to other ergo-minded keyboards
  • Cons: Inconveniently placed media keys
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