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Sonos Sub

  • Conclusion: What makes the Sub attractive is its relationship with other Sonos components. Sonos’ engineers understand the capabilities of all those components and can tune Sonos powered-speakers so that they sound their best when a Sub is added to the setup.
  • Pros: Interacts intelligently with other Sonos units; easy to set up; offers crisp and defined bass
  • Cons: May not be necessary with great speakers
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Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: Sonos's SUB provides a very welcome low-frequency kick for the already-impressive Play:5 wireless speakers, and the effect would be more pronounced with the smaller Play:3. Seamless integration with an existing Sonos system makes it a very easy upgrade, although it makes an already-pricy audio setup...
  • Pros: Seamless integration with Sonos systems, Excellent bass, Versatile setup options
  • Cons: Expensive, Requires other Sonos components
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Sonos Sub adds big bass presence

Good Gear Guide
  • Conclusion: Sonos, maker of a variety of excellent multi-room music systems , has added a high-end bottom end to its line up of powered speakers—the $699 Sonos Sub . More than just a subwoofer, the Sub incorporates into existing powered Sonos configurations to add a rich bottom end to your streaming music.
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Orb Audio Super Eight

PC Magazine
  • Summary: The Orb Audio Super Eight subwoofer delivers powerful bass punch in a compact cabinet, and works with a wide variety of stereo and home theater systems.
  • Pros: Clean, powerful bass response. Compact design considering its high output. Unusually robust array of controls and inputs.
  • Cons: No remote control.
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Polk Signa S1

PC Magazine
  • Summary: The Polk Signa S1 is a no-frills soundbar that offers very good performance for an affordable price.
  • Pros: Balanced and clean audio performance. Simulated surround can produce a wide sound field. Bluetooth connectivity. Affordable.
  • Cons: Subwoofer could be more powerful.
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