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Sonos Play:1

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: Sonos speakers have never been cheap, but the Play:1 does lower the entry cost just enough to bring the sound system within reach of people who have always wanted it.
  • Pros: Amazing amount of sound from such a small package, Compact and very well designed, Wired or wireless network connection, Perfect little addition to anyone with a Sonos system already, Deals with humidity well, making it ideal for placement in the bathroom when you're having a shower
  • Cons: No battery included in the unit, Requires the Sonos Bridge, which means first time buyers can’t just spend the initial price to gain access into the Sonos system
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Harman Kardon Esquire

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: If you don’t mind less of an impact in the bass, the Harman/Kardon Esquire is a top choice as far as Bluetooth speakers go, providing a premium look, build quality, and sound that few manufacturers can keep up with.
  • Pros: Warmer than most Bluetooth speakers, Lovely finish, Comes with a charging brick than can charge two other devices simultaneously
  • Cons: Bass should be deeper at lower volumes, not just noticeable, Can sound tinny and empty if you're slightly out of earshot
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LG SoundPlate (LAP-340)

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: If you need great audio but you don’t have a lot of room, soundbars may well be the thing for your living room. But hold up a second, because while a bar of sound might be ideal, LG’s idea of a plate of sound that sits under the TV might be an even more discreet way of playing your movies and music.
  • Pros: Clean design, Sits under the TV making it hard to see, Supports Bluetooth
  • Cons: Only supports TVs up to 55in, Subwoofer cannot be controlled at all, Sound can be a little hollow, No screen means there's no indicator as to how loud your volume is, Only one form of wired connection, Expensive
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Focal Chorus 726V

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: French loudspeaker maker Focal has one of the most extraordinarily wide ranges of loudspeakers on the market, and most of them are marked by an unusual tweeter design. Called an ‘inverted dome’, the sound-radiating surface is concave rather than convex.
  • Pros: Excellent tonal balance, High sensitivity allows high volume levels
  • Cons: Stereo imaging lacked a little depth and ‘roundedness’
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Boston Acoustics MC200 Air

  • Excerpt: Its small footprint and slim design make this Boston a tempting option for the nooks and crannies around your home, although you’re sacrificing a few advanced streaming options.
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