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Nokia 330 Auto Navigation

  • Summary: Nokia has made a decent first attempt at offering a personal navigation device but the product is marred by the lack of Bluetooth, and is outdone by its better equipped and similarly priced rivals.
  • Pros: 512MB external memory plus 256MB internal flash, Small size, Excellent maps
  • Cons: Lacks Bluetooth, No text-to-speech function, Slow route-calculation
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Oppo N3 (N5206)

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: Selfie cameras are all the rage in smartphones, but what if you could have one phone camera that takes beautiful shots on one side, and can automatically flip to the front for your self portrait? That’s the idea with Oppo’s N3, with a camera that can shift position when you touch the screen.
  • Pros: Relatively good screen, Camera gimmick is strangely enticing, Supports two SIMs, or one SIM and one microSD slot, Fingerprint scanner works better than some of the competing options (some of the time, anyway), Includes a very fast, very powerful charger in the box
  • Cons: Heavy, Bulky, Camera design element has fake leather for no reason, Battery could do with some work, Ports are in silly locations: on the side, Notification light is a little too large
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Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch - Precision to a tee

  • Conclusion: Just wearing the Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch won't make you a better golfer, but it will make you more aware. The training options it provides are pretty handy; a bit of practice with the Approach S6 definitely helped my swing.
  • Pros: Course view functionality is amazing, Replaces paper scoring, Solid battery life
  • Cons: Resistive touch screen makes UI unintuitive, On the expensive side
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Garmin nuvi 255

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: Although it doesn't offer any advanced features like Bluetooth, the nuvi 255 features text-to-speech technology and provides a solid combination of excellent navigation and ease of use.
  • Pros: Compact design, ease of use and operation, Where Am I help menu, Australian text-to-speech voices, preloaded speed and red light camera alerts
  • Cons: No Bluetooth, no FM transmitter, speaker volume lacks punch, unorthodox address input method, sluggish start-up time, average display
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Garmin Oregon 400c

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: The Oregon 400c is a reasonably priced option if you need detailed coastal maps. The inclusion of a microSD slot provides adequate room for expansion.
  • Pros: Coastal maps, microSD slot, rugged casing, wireless sharing function
  • Cons: Suitable only for a small audience, Garmin doesn't provide similarly priced options for land-based recreation
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