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Nintendo DSi

  • Summary: If you want your kids to have the latest and greatest console to make their friends jealous, the Nintendo DSi should do the trick. However, if your kids already have a DS, particularly with a large collection of Game Boy Advance games, the DSi’s additions may not be enough to justify the investment.
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Nintendo 2DS P

  • Conclusion: But before we jump headfirst into the finer details, it needs to be addressed that the 2DS has a very specific market in mind: younger children. I can say in earnest that for my large hands, the 2DS feels wonderful, the shoulder triggers the perfect size, and no buttons placed awkwardly so as to...
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Sony PS3 Slim

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  • Summary: Leaner and fitter for the fight, this is the best PS3 yet, and a decent alternative to a standalone BD player
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Nintendo Switch

  • Excerpt: Honestly, there’s a lot to like about the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is marketing it as a home console, which it is definitely competent at being, but where it excels and goes far beyond what any other gaming device has been able to do is in its ability to successfully take that full home console...
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New Nintendo 3DS XL - Stop gaming on your smartphone

  • Excerpt: The original 3DS launch didn't quite go to plan. Initial sales were disappointing, but after cutting the handheld's price and releasing an XL model, Nintendo were able to turn their latest handheld's fortunes around.
  • Pros: Incredible game library, Much improved 3D, Faster processor is great
  • Cons: Nintendo's online system needs work, Interface still a little clunky, Awful camera
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