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Nintendo 2DS P

  • Conclusion: But before we jump headfirst into the finer details, it needs to be addressed that the 2DS has a very specific market in mind: younger children. I can say in earnest that for my large hands, the 2DS feels wonderful, the shoulder triggers the perfect size, and no buttons placed awkwardly so as to...
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New Nintendo 3DS XL - Stop gaming on your smartphone

  • Excerpt: The original 3DS launch didn't quite go to plan. Initial sales were disappointing, but after cutting the handheld's price and releasing an XL model, Nintendo were able to turn their latest handheld's fortunes around.
  • Pros: Incredible game library, Much improved 3D, Faster processor is great
  • Cons: Nintendo's online system needs work, Interface still a little clunky, Awful camera
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Sony PSPgo

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: The PSPgo is a significant evolution of the Sony PlayStation Portable that impresses on almost every level. Unfortunately, its prohibitive price tag is difficult to overlook -- particularly when compared to the PSP 3000, which will be sold alongside it.
  • Pros: Attractive slide-screen interface, 16GB inbuilt memory, light, digital distribution - the future of gaming!
  • Cons: PSP control issues still remain, too expensive, game downloads cost the same as the 'real' thing
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Nintendo 3DS

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: Ultimately the quality of a console is the sum of its games. The Nintendo 3DS has all the potential in the world to do as well as the DS, but some irritating flaws have not been remedied.
  • Pros: Solid build, 3D effect is fun (if not revolutionary), some neat little incentives to take it out and about
  • Cons: Nintendo is still stuck in the '90s when it comes to online connectivity and socialising
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Xbox 360

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: The Xbox 360 is an incredible piece of hardware with very little great software to choose from. In the end, the potential for future brilliance far outweighs its immediate appeal.
  • Pros: Sexy Design, Incredible power, Music streaming and integration, Great controller
  • Cons: Some unsupported file formats, No HD-DVD drive, no non-MSC support, average launch line up.
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