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Steelseries Stratus

  • Summary: It may not be the ultimate solution for iOS gamers looking for more precise controls on their mobile games, but it’s certainly more than capable at handling the games it’s compatible with – if you can stomach that bloated price tag.
  • Pros: Compact form factor, Buttons are reasonably responsive – especially for an iOS controller, Playing GTA: San Andreas on an iPad with a proper controller is pretty awesome
  • Cons: Quality is not consistent with price, Huge backlog of games completely unsupported
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Logitech G550 PowerShell controller + battery

  • Excerpt: Logitech’s G550 PowerShell caters to gamers who are still enamoured with the traditional console-style controllers, converting a 4in iPhone 5/5s or iPod touch into a more traditional gaming device. The PowerShell features a Lightning plug and is designed to snugly hold your iGadget.
  • Pros: Built-in battery; comfortable to hold
  • Cons: Limited games
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