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Philips dvp642 Divx Dvd Player

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  • Excerpt: With the introduction of the DivX codec, movie collectors found a easy way to back up their movie collections. The problem with Divx movie is if you want to play your Divx movies on your TV, you must go through complicated connections from the PC to your TV or you will only be able to watch them on...
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KISS DVD Player DP-450

PC & Tech Authority
  • Summary: Thanks to the boom in broadband there’s been an equally huge explosion in the amount of sharing of home movies on the Net, so much so most people have a few gigs of memory devoted to such collections.
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Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3

PC & Tech Authority
  • Summary: It works well, but that didn’t stop us from forensically ripping the guts out of it.
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Philips DVDR890

PC & Tech Authority
  • Summary: The high price and average performance indicates the DVD Recorder is not going to be rushing into lounge rooms.
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