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Canon EOS 7D - Top of the Class

Hardware Zone
  • Conclusion: The 7D is a camera that many Canon DSLR users will want, but as camera based on a cropped sensor design, it would appeal more to the consumer crowd than it would for the professionals.
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Canon PowerShot G11
  • Excerpt: The bridge market between point-and-shoot compacts and entry-level DSLR’s has become more and more competitive over the last couple years. With many companies concentrating a stronger effort on the Micro Four Thirds technology and offering great value with their entry-level DSLR’s, delivering the...
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Canon EOS 7D
  • Excerpt: Many photographers were a tad confused about the positioning of Canon’s new 7D when it was announced to the market. Seemingly, it was considered to be an upgrade to the existing 50D range of camera, but what Canon have, actually, done is given the semi-pro market, and even some pro photographers a...
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  • Summary: Used intelligently – that is, not relying on Auto to do the thinking – the 600D produces excellent pictures. We used it at the beach and at the zoo, two places with difficult light, and it shone in both settings.
  • Pros: Canon are putting emphasis on the ease with which a compact camera user can adapt to the DSLR, so we put this to the test. We selected the “Scene Intelligent Auto” and let the camera do the work. Generally the results were good, but with the usual caveats. Auto focus doesn’t always pick the criti...
  • Cons: Auto focus in live view is frustratingly lethargic.
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  • Excerpt: This 16 megapixel camera has a 5X optical zoom (28–140mm). It is waterproof to 3 metres for 60 minutes and can be dropped 1.5m without damaging the camera. It is small, with a face area slightly larger than a credit card and 20mm thick.
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