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GoPro HD Hero2 first look

  • Summary: It’s not the easiest camera to use, and when all the extras are added up its not cheap either, but it’s a lot of fun to use and limited only by your imagination – and willingness to put yourself in crazy situations.
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Samsung VP-D6050

  • Summary: A practical, sensible combo unit that does each task well. Has appeal to travellers sick of fumbling through two bags of gear.
  • Pros: Enhanced portability, Multi-card reading capability (still), Sensibly combined shared controls, Good standard accessory bundle and software
  • Cons: Limited expandability, Capable but unexceptional features
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Samsung HMX-U20, a surprisingly cheap pocket video camera

PC & Tech Authority
  • Summary: It can't quite match the polish of the Flip range of cameras, but it's very good for the money.
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Sony Handycam HDR-CX12

  • Summary: Although you pay a premium for the convenience of solid-state recording, Sony's HDR-CX12 Handycam is a good choice for point-and-press video shooters who also like to take the occasional still shot. If you're happy to use the Easy mode, the CX12 could be for you.
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GE DV1 – Waterproof digital HD video camera

  • Conclusion: Many analysts attributed the demise of the Flip to the improvement in video quality on Apple and Android smartphones, so the question is: Is there room in the market for super-portable camcorders?
  • Pros: Waterproof; shockproof; Full HD video; easy to use
  • Cons: Flimsy USB connector; fair image quality
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