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Swissvoice ePure BH01i Bluetooth Station for iPhone

  • Conclusion: Overall, we think the ePure BH01i is a beautifully made and well thought out product that would suit an office environment or someone that finds using an iPhone for long phone calls uncomfortable.
  • Pros: More comfortable for long phone calls; doubles as an impressive speaker; access Siri from the wireless handset; charges iPhone; looks stylish; compatible with iPhone 5
  • Cons: iPhone 5 users need an Apple adapter; better speaker functionality can be found cheaper elsewhere; some iPhone owners won’t see the need for such a device
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D-Link DPH-540

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: The DPH-540 is a relatively new product to the VoIP market and is a good first step towards mobile VoIP technology. Although there are some drawbacks and a hefty price tag, it remains a solid phone overall.
  • Pros: Decent call quality, email feature, looks and feels like a regular mobile, wireless
  • Cons: No external display, external antenna, doesn't automatically configure and connect to wireless networks, display could be brighter, menu colours, price
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RTX DUALphone 3088

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: For Skype users, this is one of the best handsets available. The DUALphone has an excellent interface, decent call quality and best of all, it is very easy to use thanks to a detailed user guide.
  • Pros: Doesn't require a PC, user interface and ease of setup, automatically downloads Skype contacts, 200-entry telephone book, decent in-call quality for both landline and Skype calls, can switch between a Skype and landline call, excellent user manual
  • Cons: Only works with Skype, microphone needs to be louder, no handset locator on charging cradle, keypad not backlit
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