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Jura Impressa F9

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: Getting good coffee with personality out in your own home can need some complicated contraptions, but what if you could get seriously good coffee without needing to buy into a capsule system? Jura might have the answer.
  • Pros: Very easy to use for very good coffee, Takes a fair amount of water, Can handle both beans and ground, Fast, Makes a very good cup of coffee, Lots of options, with programmability, Can push out hot water too
  • Cons: Runs its own cleaning cycles without telling you, System is too fast to let you dial in the exact coffee amount you want, No way to texturise milk using a frothing wand, forcing you to run it through its system
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Nespresso Lattissima Pro (DeLonghi Lattissima Pro)

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: Encapsulated coffee machines have been hitting lower price points lately, but what if you want the best of the best of the best? DeLonghi and Nespresso have teamed up to show just what is possible with a new Lattissima, built for people who really, really, really love a cup.
  • Pros: Well designed, Removable milk jug, Milk just can be refrigerated due to the top being the only part that gets hot, Programmable, Cleaning mode included and encouraged by the machine
  • Cons: Cappuccino and latte macchiato modes can run without a coffee pod in the machine, which will make a very frothy skim milk, Expensive
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