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Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

  • Summary: Sidney Lumet has a knack in making what can sometimes be ordinary movies, into ones that make you glad you bothered seeing them.
  • Pros: A character-driven story that shows the lengths some people will go to in order to extricate themselves from a bad situation.
  • Cons: Lack of empathy for any of the characters.
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DVD Review: Michael Clayton

  • Summary: Michael Clayton is the fix-it man for a large New York law firm Kenner, Bach & Odeen.
  • Pros: Well told story about a man at a crossroads in his life, and making decisions that aren't always the right ones.
  • Cons: Ending could have been a little less predictable, but that is being a little churlish.
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DVD Review: Gone Baby Gone

  • Summary: Upon the completion of this pic, my first thought was "very Mystic Riverish".
  • Pros: Pros: A great little thriller with a nice twist.
  • Cons: Cons: Arguably too close to Mystic River.
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Bridget Jones's Baby

  • Summary: A woman in her forties finds herself pregnant, with two possible fathers of her unborn child.
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Even Captain America And Iron Man Would Agree The Civil War Blu-Ray Is A Must-Own

  • Excerpt: Last month, Edward Snowden's lawyer told me that Oliver Stone's new Snowden biopic "tells a true story." After seeing it, I can confirm that it's an accurate portrayal of the events leading up to and following the whistleblower leaking a trove of National Security Agency documents to journalists.
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