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Philips Streamium WACS7000

Sydney Morning Herald
  • Excerpt: A wireless music centre that lets you rip your CDs without a computer and create a wireless network of music stations around your home.
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Samsung M7 Multi-room speaker (WAM750)

Gadget Guy
  • Excerpt: Multi-room audio is set to be the next battleground for audio fanatics, as Samsung attempts to steal the crown from industry leader Sonos, which has long had a hold on the area it practically got people interested in the first place. Can Samsung manage to best Sonos on the first go?
  • Pros: Excellent sound, Works as a Bluetooth speaker and a multi-room speaker, Supports NFC, Stands up and lies down, You don’t need the Samsung Multiroom Hub if you only use one speaker
  • Cons: The app seriously needs work, Setup can be very fiddly and tricky, Build is a little plasticky
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Yamaha MCR-040

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: You can pick up this Yamaha micro system for well under $400 at the stores of any of the battling electronics giants and that’s a lot of bang for your buck. The MCR-040 is the best sounding iPod/CD combo we’ve heard for a while, it’s well designed and, while we’d be surprised if the more...
  • Pros: Great sound quality for the size, Body colour variation good for the audience
  • Cons: Struggles to fill a large room, Limited LED display
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Yamaha TSX-B232 desktop stereo

Good Gear Guide
  • Summary: Filling a room with warm, joyous sound is something the Yamaha B232 does well. The system is voluminous, clear in tune and precise in bass. All bedrooms would benefit from such a nifty set up, particularly due to the alarm clock.
  • Pros: Retro design, Compact yet powerful stereo system, Bluetooth streaming
  • Cons: Poor application, Old iPhone 30-point-pin dock, No NFC
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JVC UXN1W Music System

Sydney Morning Herald
  • Excerpt: The problem with little music systems is that they all look the same, which means any that appear even a little different tend to stand out on a retailer's shelf.
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