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Denon AVR-3311, Review: Yamaha WXA-50/WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier/Pre-Amplifier See newest reviews

Denon AVR-3311

  • Excerpt: Almost a year after the introduction of Apple’s AirPlay technology – which is an easy way to stream audio, video and photos from a Mac or iOS device over a local network – we’re finally being able to buy non-Apple products which support it.
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Yamaha WXA-50/WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier/Pre-Amplifier

Gadget Guy
  • Summary: There are a plethora of multiroom streaming systems around. If you are already partway committed to one and happy with it so far, you’ll probably not want to change. But if you’re starting from scratch, I have to say that the Yamaha MusicCast system my favourite.
  • Pros: First class multiroom streaming system, quality audio products, support high resolution audio
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